I found my roar when I studied abroad in Australia whilst at university. Up until then I’d lived in a bubble, surrounded and influenced by the same people I’d grown up with. My thoughts and actions were determined by everyone around me – I cared too much about what people thought, and how I measured up in comparison to others, and didn’t really feel like I was being true to myself. I was trapped by this mentality and perception of the world that I’d created.

Travelling to the other side of the world by myself was the scariest thing I’ve ever done – but also the most liberating. Having to adapt to a new culture, lifestyle, and environment, and make new friends in a strange country, gave me the sense of independence that I’d never really had but always knew I needed. It was almost like having a blank slate and starting all over again – being on my own gave me the push to take new opportunities and grow in confidence.

I came back with a renewed sense of energy, purpose and self-assurance. Since then I have battled hard to stick to my own personality and principles, and more importantly, to be proud of them. My trip abroad was so incredibly transformative, and an experience I owe all my recent and future successes to.