I was a very active and spontaneous teenager with a great passion for entertainment, music and networking. Hence this lead me to obtain a part-time job as a Radio DJ in a local radio station where I presented a teenage based radio show on a weekly basis. I also loved doing extra curriculum activities and committing to voluntary work outside school.

I went to a all-girls secondary school and to some extent, encouraged my class mates to always get involved in extra curriculum activities; however there was one teacher who did not appreciate all of this. She saw my passion for radio as something absurd and danger to my academic life. It was a Year 11 parents evening when my teacher had a serious talk with my father, told him that going into education was not really for me. The things I am doing at present are a total waste and I will be nowhere in life. This was the moment when my life completely changed. I took her words as a challenge and promised myself that “One day I will prove you WRONG!” I am capable of studying and doing all the things I have passion for that drives and motivates me to be who I am.

After GCSEs, I went to further education and completed A-Levels. Then I continued to go university and completed a degree and masters in Mechanical Engineering. It was not easy as there were resists and other commitments I had to fulfil; having 3 part time jobs to self fund my education and support my family.

There is one key message I always believed and continue to do so, and that is if you have faith in yourself, you can achieve all the things you want in life. Don’t let negativity drag you down. You must have the self-confidence to motivate yourself to move forward and achieve what you are capable of and beyond.

At present I am continuing my full time professional career as an engineer alongside being an UpRiser, being actively involved in community work and a Life Lion Campaigner! I can proudly say I am a LION!