When I was 19 I fell pregnant. At the time I had just finished my first year at university and was looking forward to the next year. When I told my parents they were very disappointed and told me that I wouldn’t be able to do it, that myself and my partner would struggle and that I would end up not finishing my degree and giving up on my life.

Pregnancy was a tough time, I was ill and in and out of hospital constantly, but finally, 10 days after my due date, my beautiful daughter was born. Mia Belle Rose Carter.

That evening was the most important moment of my entire life. I found out who I was supposed to be. I found my home, with my little family.

I became a mother at 19 years old, and there is so much negative discourse surrounding being a teenage mum. But I didn’t let it get to me.

Now two and a half years on, I still get people questioning me all the time, asking inappropriate questions that you wouldn’t dare to ask a woman who had become a mother at 30. But I answer them with my head held high, and I tell them that I have a very beautiful and clever child, a loving husband, a home of our own and after some time off I am finishing my degree.

Many people doubted my husband and I. But we proved the doubters wrong.