Being given the opportunity to traverse into sites where so many innocent people were lost to agents of injustice really reinforced my desire to come back to the UK and play my role in keeping the flame of Srebrenica in the public eye.

As a UK and global citizen, it is a moral duty to educate the wider world on the importance of rooting out hate in our society.

Writing my experiences simply does no justice to the power of experiencing Srebrenica because I have seen the anguish of mothers who would risk the odds for one more moment to share with husbands and sons they watched hopelessly fall into the hands of their killers.

There is no pain greater than a mother’s anguish and being able to see lifeless widowed mother’s appeal to a world that forgot her husband and son, has given me the fortitude to be their voice and continue to make sure the world never forgets the events of July 1995.